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boAt Rockerz 550

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Before buying boAt Rockerz 550 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone with Mic, you must be curious about how these headphones perform. If you want to know what this product is like, read the review of this product that I created.

Whether you’re a professional DJ, a musical artist, a broadcaster, or just someone who wants to listen to music while you exercise, Boat Rockerz 550 headphones may be the best choice for you. 

There are so many different types of headphones out there that you can find one for every occasion. While it may be challenging to choose the perfect pair for you, hopefully, this article will help!

This review is to inform you what you need to know about this product before buying it. I don’t want to give you misleading information or talk about things that are not true. So, let’s start!

These over-the-ear headphones have been designed for maximum performance and durability as per company claims. 

This review will outline the pros and cons of these headphones, their features and specification, and whether they are worth purchasing!

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boAt Rockerz 550 Features that Company Claims (not my review)

  • Bluetooth v5.0

    Wearing a boAt Rockerz 550 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone, you will be able to wirelessly operate your device with the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology, up to 10 meters away from your phone or another Bluetooth-enabled device. Getting hooked up has never been so easy!

  • 50mm Dynamic Driver

    boAt Rockerz 550 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone offers 50mm, dynamic drivers, for immersive audio all day long, so your music keeps the party going.

  • 20 Hours of Playtime

    This stylish and sleek headphones features a powerful 500mAh battery capacity that can offer up to 20 hours of uninterrupted music playtime.

  • Bluetooth and AUX cable both

    The Rockerz 550 features a High-Definition Bluetooth transmitter that allows you to connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. It also includes an AUX input for connecting to non-Bluetooth devices.

  • Charging time

    It takes only 2.5 hours to charge the complete headphone with 180 hours of standby backup.

Colors and Other Attributes of boAt Rockerz 550

boAt Rockerz 550 Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphone comes in 5 major color combinations which can easily suit your personality.

The colors are Black, Army Green, Black Symphony, Maroon Maverick, and Red.

Manufacturing Warranty

boAt Rockerz 550 Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphone comes with a standard 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

You can reach out to their customer support service via email at support.boat-lifestyle.com or can call at +91149461882 for any queries.

Give them a missed call on 92230332222 to activate your warranty.

If you buy these from Amazon and they don’t work for you, they will replace them for free so long as it is within seven days of delivery.

boAt Rockerz 550 PROS and CONS, the real review


  • The Rockerz 550 Bluetooth wireless over ear headphone with rich bass can be seen as a must-have for those who enjoy high-quality sound. Unlike pumps, hard-shell sport headphones, acoustic type performance.
  • The soft ear pads ensure a long lasting wear and the closed back design reduce background noise.
  •  One of the coolest features about the Boat Rockerz 550 is that it pairs with any Bluetooth device. It will automatically connect as soon as they are in range. The Bluetooth range is also perfect for those times when you’re not near a computer to use the app.
  • The high-quality built-in microphone is definitely a plus, especially for calling while on the go.
  • These wireless Bluetooth headphones are so easy to use. All you have to do is charge them for 2 hours and it will have enough battery power to last your entire day music and calls.
  • If I talk about the latency there’s no delay on most of the apps or games but, for few heavy graphics games you might find a 1-second delay.
  • These are very comfortable headphones, The soft cushioning just makes them feel so nice. I have worn them straight out of the box for up to three hours and was not at all uncomfortable in my head or ears.


  • With Bluetooth pairing the sound has no comparison but, sound quality drops down when you use an AUX cable with your music device.
  • Due to the tight closed ear cups of Boat Rockerz 550 the headphones might get restless, or start sweating around your ears after a few hours of continuous use.

My Final Opinion and Conclusion about boAt Rockerz 550 Wireless Earbuds

Let’s conclude. This boAt Rockerz 550 review is done from my opinion about the product rather than making any judgmental statement.

In conclusion, I think that boAt Rockerz 550 is an excellent pair of headphones worth the money.

Though the headphone is not perfect, it has excellent quality for their price. I like the design of the headphone and the sound quality. It’s also very comfortable to use for long periods.

The thing which we shouldn’t forget before buying these kinds of headphones is the battery life. And here in boAt Rockerz 550 headphone, it is superb. If you love rock, metal, or hip-hop as I do, then you will love these headphones. The price is well worth it too.

I would recommend this Bluetooth Headphone with Mic to anyone looking for an excellent over-ear headphone that comes at a reasonable price.

My Personal Buy Rating is

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does boAt Rockerz 550 work with Apple products?

Yes, it works will all the eligible Apple products like Iphone.

What is the Bluetooth wireless range of these headphones?

It is pretty okay in between 20-25 meters. But, beyond 25  meters is starts crackling.

How do I connect to my bluetooth earpiece so I can listen to music?

You can connect by turning power ON of Boat Rockerz 550 with any bluetooth device. And, you can use AUX cable too for just plug and play option.

What can I use boAt Rockerz 550 Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphone for?

You can use this headphones for listening music, watching movies from TV wirelessly(if your tv is bluetooth enabled) and for taking phones calls.

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