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Hey Gamer, are you looking for Best gaming headphones under 5000?

A gaming headset is an amazing tool in the hands of a true gamer. It gives you the advantage by giving you full control and letting you hear every little detail.

In this blog, I’ll introduce you to some of the best gaming headphones out on the market for under 5000 rupees that can change your game.

Article will review the best gaming headphones under 5,000 rupees.

There are many different types of headphones out there but this article will focus on budget-friendly headphones that won’t break the bank.

I’ll give you a breakdown of the features, reviews the sound quality and overall verdict, and also offers suggestions for which ones might be best for you.

What you need to check in Gaming Headphones!

So, we have seen some gaming headphones that are available in the market.

But these headphones may not be suitable for you so before you purchase them make sure to check the following things that should be present in a gaming headphone:

  • Sound Quality

    When buying a pair of gaming headphones, sound quality should be the most important thing you are considering.

  • Comfortability

    One of the most important considerations with gaming headphones is comfortability. It's essential to find a pair of headphones that don't hurt your ears and can be worn for long periods.

  • Microphone

    When getting a gaming headset under 5,000 rupees, you want to make sure it has excellent mic quality. Headphones with a mic are great because they let you live stream with other gamers.

  • Design

    The design of the gaming headphones is essential for comfort. It will especially be something to pay attention to if you want to use your headphones for more than just listening to music.

  • Light Weight

    Weight is an important factor to consider when purchasing new gaming headphones. Uncomfortable headphones that are too heavy or have a tight fit can lead to taking them off more often, quickly losing interest in your favourite game. Be sure the headphone has a light, comfortable weight, so it feels more right for you.

  • Bluetooth Technology

    A useful technological feature you should consider when buying gaming headphones under 5000 rupees is Bluetooth technology. Easily connect to any device and enjoy music and movies without the nuisance of cables tugging on your headphone wiring. But, these headphones tend to be more expensive than wired headphones.

  • Battery Backup

    You want to consider a headphone's battery life when selecting the best gaming headphones under 5000 rupees. If you have Bluetooth-enabled headphones with little to no backup, you will have to recharge them more often.

  • Voice Assistance

    Voice assistance is important for two reasons: 1) You can quickly find the music you want, without searching for it manually. 2) The voice assistant allows hands-free calling, which is great when you're driving.

Here we go with the list of Best gaming headphones under 5000.

When it comes to buying gaming headphones, you have quite a few options to choose from.

There are entry-level gaming headphones that do well in games but might have some sound problems while playing music.

And there are high-end gaming headphones that offer premium sounds along with performance.

In this list, I’ve included the best budget gaming headphones under 5000 rupees in India.

Gaming Headsets are a necessity when it comes to playing, and they should be a priority.

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USB Wired Gaming Headset is the best because of its multiple features.

It is compatible with gaming consoles like,

Xbox/PS4, PC, Mobile Phones etc., and has LED lights in three different colours: blue/green or red/blue*that change depending on which channel you’re using.

The RGB LED Effect makes this product so unique and charming.

A multifunctional in-line controller enables precise control over the volume level of each preset.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core is a gaming headset with fantastic sound quality and audio features.

The microphone features noise-cancelling technology.

which allows communication partners to understand each other at all times, making it a perfect choice for gamers who play online.

The over-ear design makes this headset perfect for long gaming sessions.

It also offers passive noise cancellation, meaning you don’t have to worry about the outside world disrupting your game session anymore!

The Logitech G331 Wired Gaming Headset is the best gaming headset under 5000 rupees.

Its 50mm audio driver means that it has some of the best sound quality and stereo separation in its range.

Other features include low-friction memory foam ear cups, mute microphone button, leatherette headband, 3.5 mm audio jack, and lightweight design that is compatible with most PC games and Nintendo Switch.

A built-in microphone allows you to speak with others or use your headphones as an alternate input device.

It has an unignorable combination of features that makes these headphones perfect for the gamers on your list who doesn’t want to break the bank.

The EKSA E900 is a gaming headset that offers the best of both worlds.

It has excellent sound quality, but some say it’s the look that steals the show.

The microphone comes with noise-cancelling properties and affixes to either the left or right side of your headset.

With a comfortable design and appealing built, they’re beginner-friendly and boast a range of connectivity options, making them ideal for all gamers on the go!

This Wired Stereo Gaming Headset-Over Ear Headphones with Noise Canceling Mic, Detachable Headset Compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Laptop is one of the best gaming headphones under 5000 rupees.

It has an adjustable headband with soft padding conforming to the shape of your head, even inactive game modes for comfort during gameplay.

It also has an adjustable microphone, including an in-line volume and mute control for player calls and chats.

Acclaimed by many online reviewers of headsets, the Cosmic Byte Equinox Polaris 7.1 Surround RGB USB Gaming Headset is one of the bestselling products in the market.

These fantastic headphones have so many pros, from its speed, versatility, and comfortability.

It’s an excellent standard gaming headset with a relatively comfortable design and metal-framed construction. It features excellent sound quality that is loud enough to crush the competition.

This product works with all generations of desktops, laptops and game consoles and is available for just a price not exceeding 5000 rupees!

Read the complete {Product} review with detailed Pros and Cons.

My Final Opinion about Best gaming headphones under 5000.

Any decision that I make is solely my own and not associated with those who may have influenced me. It is an unbiased opinion on the subject. This is purely my own decision and not for influencing others.

EKSA E900 is one of the best gaming headsets under 5000. It provides excellent sound quality and comfort.

The microphone has noise cancellation technology to remove background noise from games, chat, or Skype calls.

If you are looking for a budget gaming headset that doesn’t sacrifice comfort and sound quality, go for this one!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my article on gaming headphones. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to comment below, and I’ll try to reply with your queries.

And, if you are satisfied with my opinion, I am giving you the direct link to the product at its best price from Amazon.

Note: The above product recommendation is purely based on my personal opinion and it doesn’t create with a purpose to promote any individual products. I am affiliated with Amazon and the use of any images is for only representational purposes.

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