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Best Headphones Under 2500 Rupees

Let's talk about the BEST Headphones under 2500

We were getting so many requests to suggest Best Headphones Under 2500 so here we are with the list created by our Experts 🙂

One thing is very clear headphones have become an important part of people’s lives.

And you also are looking to purchase a headphones pair that fits your budget and won’t put you off either. Right!

But you might not aware of the difference between sound quality and audio compatibility!

High-quality headphones play music at a higher volume and reproduce clearer sounds.

While audio compatibility refers to how well a pair of headphones works with different devices such as iPhones or iPods.

More on this, the technology in these headphones is constantly improving, and People are also using them while they drive.

I must say, headphones have been getting better and better, with a lot of options available to suit your taste. Now, there are headphones that you can walk and run with.

Now your wish is our command, we have researched the best headphones pair that will for your budget without compromising on quality.

Without any more talking let’s dive into the article to find out what will suit you the best.

Wired Headphones


  • Sound quality is better than wireless ones.
  • The other benefit of wired headphones is the charging, they are not required to be charged although some wired ones have batteries in-built for canceling wanted sound effects.
  • Wired headphones make your listening sessions timeless as there are no draining batteries ruining your experience just plug and use.
  • These headphones don’t create issues of connecting with the device and are compatible with pretty much every device like laptops, mobile phones, etc.
  • The cost of wired headphones is usually lowered than wireless ones.


  • Wires of the wired headphones can be a problem for many users as they tend to get tangled easily, so may create issues while gaming.
  • You need to carry the device along with you if you are listening to music or talking on calls.

Wireless Headphones


  • No cable interference, easy and convenient to use.
  • With easy mobility, you can keep roaming in your space while attending calls or listening to music.
  • Compatibility with devices that has Bluetooth enabled.


  • As distance increases with the audio device sound quality get affected.
  • You may face problems with external interference and headphones needs to be charged.
  • Lastly delayed pairing problems may occur and can be pricy.

What consists of the "Best" in Headphones?

Let us look at the features you must check while purchasing Best Headphones Under 2500 in India.

  • Sound Quality

    When buying a pair of headphones, the most important thing to consider is what sound quality your ears are going to get out of them. You need something that produces crisp and clear audio high fidelity.

  • Comfortability

    People want headphones that not just look cool or are hip, but they also want them to be comfortable. The most important pair of headphones you will ever find is one that does not hurt your ears.

  • Microphone

    If you're in the middle of a workout and have to answer a call, don't have to pull out your phone and interrupt your routine! The microphone on the headphones allows you to still listen to those high-intensity beats while talking or answering calls.

  • Design

    Design is everything in headphones. Poorly designed headphones can lead to various problems such as excess noise, uneven sound quality, and crappy looks. A good design will make sure that your audio is high quality with a relaxing or soothing feel.

  • Light Weight

    The weight of a headphone increases the pressure and causes pain in the ear after extended use. Make sure to buy headphones that are lightweight.

  • Bluetooth Technology

    If you intend to shop for a new pair of headphones, but you hate the cords that always get in the way, then Bluetooth may be the technology for you. There are an extensive variety of devices that can connect to a Bluetooth headset including laptops, tablets, Smart Watches and more.

  • Battery Backup

    Battery backup is one of the most important features to consider when you're buying new wireless headphones. Some wireless headphones will only last for a few hours or less, so you will have to recharge them more often. Some wireless headphones on the other hand have a much longer battery life.

  • Voice Assistance

    Voice assistance is important because it helps in the selection of music. It also helps in opening some apps without having to hold the phone or switch to another app. Voice assistance also enables hands free use of apps.

  • Water Resistance

    Most headphones are not water resistant, but this is changing. Water resistance is becoming more popular because the headphone market is becoming more competitive. Some companies are switching to a better quality of headphone like the Bose and Apple that can be immersed in water without destroying the sound quality.

Here we go with the list of Best Headphones under 2500

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones under 2500, this is the perfect place to start.

Bluetooth headphones are a great way to play music and take calls without having to fumble with your phone or use cords. 

Tribit’s xFree go headphones have a Bluetooth chip that provides quick transfer speeds, great signal range, and stable connection.

These are tailored to recreational applications and don’t feature the high-quality sound that many audiophiles might be looking for. 

The headphones also come with a built-in CVC 8.0 noise-canceling microphone that makes sure your voice is loud and clear.

If you’re looking for Best Headphones under 2500 that is stylish and sporty, these wireless headphones are a perfect choice.

The sound signature is detailed, tonally balanced, and blessed with a large dose of rhythmic precision.

When it comes to sound, the triking design of Tribit Bluetooth headphones comes with exhilarating sounds.

With balanced tones and a large dose of rhythmic precision, these headphones are a true cherry on top when it comes to fantastic audio.

The design features a comfortable, lightweight headband and earpads that provide the perfect comfort for all-day wear.

With noise isolation pads, ambient noise can be blocked out so you can listen to your music closer to your heart.

Made with a sleek, lightweight design, these Best Headphones under 2500 are designed for comfort and convenience.

The built-in microphone offers a hands-free experience with your phone by connecting through Bluetooth to pick up and make phone calls without having to take your phone out of your pocket or purse.

iClever BTH13 Bluetooth headphones for girls have the most technology that you could ever imagine in a pair of Bluetooth headphones. 

It’s easy for you to pair them with any of your devices and enjoy the music or podcast that you’re listening to.

They also have a built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery so you’ll never have to worry about charging them over and over again.

You will get 45 hours of continuous music with a single charge with a type-C charger.

These headphones come with adjustable earpads that can be used as a cushion for your head, making them perfect for long-term use.

you can use the various LED lights to change the color of your headphones and customize the experience in any situation.

The Infinity Glide 500 has two equalizer modes, Normal Mode and Deep Bass Mode.

In Normal Mode, the bass is emphasized with a gentle slope while the treble and mid-range are less pronounced.

While in Deep Bass Mode, the bass is emphasized with a sharp slope while the treble and mid-range are less prominent. So adjust as per your needs.

It’s an incredible sound system that will change how you listen to music.

More on that, the wireless Bluetooth connection allows you to stream audio from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Speakers have integrated with the microphone that you can take calls on the go and use it as a speakerphone without needing to plug in any cords.

And you can play music for nonstop 20 hours straight. Isn’t it amazing!

Talking about the surround sound technology, which makes the speaker exciting and dynamic with deep bass.

Users can adjust their volume, change genres, and control how loudly they listen to content.

This JBL earbud is the perfect companion for your workout with its lightweight, flat-folding design with a secure fit. 

The sturdy design of headphones will provide you comfort at all times and never fall out. 

The OneOdio Pro-10 Over-Ear Headphones are a unique pair of headphones that give you high-quality audio with great sound.

Moreover, a single-side monitoring design allows for only one ear cup to be heard so there isn’t any interference from other people making them one of the best headphones under 2500. 

Additionally, OneOdio Pro-10 is a completely wireless, superior quality headphone with an ergonomic design.

It features a self-adjusting headband that can be bent or straightened to fit a wide range of head types.

Absolutely ideal for mastering and mixing. With a wide frequency range, the sound is rich and lifelike.

They can work with most mobile devices, gaming consoles, and computers. 

Designed especially for DJ, the coiled cord easily reaches from the audio device to its user’s chair, so you don’t risk tripping over the wire too much.

These headphones are designed to be comfortable with a noise isolation feature that allows you to work in peace.

The soft cushioned ear cups are designed to fit snugly around your ears so that the headphones stay on during rigorous use.

These boAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones feature the latest Bluetooth technology.

They are wireless and can be connected to your phone or computer with ease.

With a built-in mic for hands-free calling and listening to music.

Creative Sound Blaster, 50mm drivers These drivers produce powerful deep bass and highs while cutting down on vibrations that cause fatigue.

They promise a battery backup of roughly 20 hours and a standby time of 250 hours, making them a perfect pair for the person who forgets to charge the headphones very often.

Additionally, the faux leather earpads are soft and pleasant to wear.

When it comes to listening to music, everything should be perfect in every way. That is why boAt Rockerz 510’s have the perfect pressure for your ears.

My Final Opinion about the above listed headphones.

boAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones are the one I would go for.

In addition to including a microphone, the boAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones also have multiple hours of battery life and can play music for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

The wireless device comes with five free audio tracks from artists like Jason Derulo, Bruno Mars, and Sia.

It connects seamlessly to any phone and features an embedded microphone to talk.

Many wireless headphones boast a battery life of only three hours or less, but Rockerz 510 assures a battery that lasts up to 20 hours, which is nearly twice as long as most manufacturers.

The Bluetooth headphones also have a standby time of 250 hours, so you can listen without having to recharge them again.

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