Best Headphones under 200 in India

Best Headphones under 200 Rupees

Let's talk about the "Headphones under 200"

Headphones are one of the most important purchases for many people and if you are looking to buy headphones under 200 budget so there are many different brands of headphones that are available.

All good brands have something to offer that looks great on ears and are perfect for you too!

So, the good pair of headphones that will give bass, quality sound, and a longer life, then some of the cheaper options we have recommended in this article.

Then give this in-depth article a read to find out what can be your best purchase.

What to expect in "Headphones under 200 rupees"

while going for a headphone pair under 200 rupees you can’t really ask for a lot but still there are some features one can check when making a purchase like ergonomic design, the sound quality, cord length etc.

down below we have mentioned few key points on which one should pay attention.

  • Sound Quality

    Looking for a good pair of headphones, the first thing to consider is quality of the sound and for headphones under 200, you can expect a good sound quality if the goal is listening to music or watching movies on computer.

  • Comfortability

    Some of the most common mistakes people make when buying headphones is not looking for a pair that can fit comfortably on their head and ears.

  • Microphone

    The placement of the microphone is crucial to the quality of sound. So Owning a pair of headphones with a good microphone is important because you will hear every word clearly without having to strain the ears or boost volume on computer.

  • Water Resistance

    Can't say if we are asking for too much but it would be great if the headphones offer water resistance feature for this price range.This feature can save your headphones from sweat or water splash.

Here we go with the list of Headphones under 200 rupees

The list contains all the headphones that comes under the price range of 200.

A pair of headphones under 200 that will provide maximum sound quality, then the pTron Pride Lite HBE is the perfect choice.

With an amazing 10mm powerful driver and noise cancelling technology, these headphones are designed to give you distortion-free audio that can be streamed from any device or plugged into your favorite MP3 player.

Adding to this in-line mic feature allows for hands-free calls and control options for both Android and iOS devices.

Enjoy the best sound quality with these in-ear headphones under 200 price range.

The 10mm drivers provide deep lows and crisp highs, while the soft earbud tips ensure that you don’t get any extra noise caused by touching or moving the speaker. 

These headphones are admired and loved by anyone who owns them and next is the versatility of the headphones as they are compatible with most devices including your smartphone or tablet. Lastly, the price is unbeatable!

When you are searching for headphones, it can be difficult to find affordable, quality ones.

The MINISO Colorful Music Earphone comes in six fun colors with a comfortable rubber earbud that fits into your ear. It has a built-in microphone so you can answer calls on the go. This is a great budget buy for a safe, durable and comfortable pair of headphones.

This headphones under 200 rupees are designed for the people on the go. V Can YS Earphones with Ultra Bass & Dolby Sound is the best earphones for your device with a depth and sound quality like never before.

They have a flexible and durable design that can withstand many drops without any hassle.

With a built-in mic, these headphones are perfect for taking calls as well!

When you’re on the go, and you need a good pair of headphones under 200 These headphones are good to go for, designed with a built-in mic for hands-free calling.

They have high-quality sound and are sweatproof, so they’re great for athletes. The ergonomic design allows the product to stay comfortably in your ear without being too heavy or restricting movement.

There is also an in-line remote that allows you to control your music and other functionality while keeping both of your hands free!

My Final Opinion about the above listed headphones.

My decision is solely based on what I decide. It is an unbiased comparison of the headphones.

If you ask me I have selected PTron Pride Lite HBE (High Bass Earphones) in-Ear Wired Headphones under the 200 price range.

These headphones are a lot of fun. They have a great sound that is clear and not too loud, but definitely have a ton of bass. 

Also they have a lot of positive customer service feedback and the reviews are up to the mark.

In my opinion these are the best headphones you can consider for your purchase among rest of the headphones.

So here I am giving direct link of amazon if you would like to buy.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the article and if you would give me your kind and valuable review in the comment section it will motivate me.

Note: The above product recommendation is purely based on my personal opinion and it doesn’t create with a purpose to promote any individual products. I am affiliated with Amazon and the use of any images is for only representational purposes.

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