Over-Ear Headphones Under 2000 -(Updated list by Experts)

Top Selling Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 in India

best over ear headphones under 2000 rupees

Pupose of Over Ear Headphones Under 2000

Over-ear headphones under 2000 can be used for different purposes and they can be wired or wireless.

Who should use wired over-ear headphones?

Wired-over ear headphones are generally used for personal studio and professional recording, more for entertainment purposes like music, movies, and games all work with them.

The user needs to just plug the headphones into the audio device in order to get sound.

They are generally easier to adjust, have higher sound quality, and can be used on both audio and video equipment.

Who should use wireless over-ear headphones?

Wireless over-ear headphones offer the convenience of being untethered from wires.

They usually have good sound quality but not as wired ones with a few exceptions.

And wireless over-ear headphones are best for people who want to use them on the go or while performing, for gym trainers, gamers who want to play wireless.

These headphones are the better option if you need to be hands-free, like in the car or at home.

And a much better option if you want to be mobile.

Features of Over-Ear Headphones Under 2000

Lets take a look at some features to look for while making a purchase for over-ear headphones under 2000 INR.

  • Sound Quality

    If you spend a significant amount of time using headphones for your work, it's important to invest in quality sound. The tricky part is that sound quality is not always easy to understand at first glance you need to decide which one you should buy if you are sound sensitive.

  • Comfortability

    Headphones are not cheap and you want to be able to use them for a long time. Comfortability is essential, check the headband and the clamping force of the headphones, if they hurt your ears or not.

  • Microphone

    With the microphone of headphones, You can answer your phone while listening to your music without taking your phone out of your pocket. This is a perfect solution for those who love to workout and take calls while their hands are busy with the exercise.

  • Design

    If you are going to be using your headphones for more than just listening to music, then the design is something that you want to pay attention to. A good design will also lead to a higher quality product. For example, if you are interested in wearing your headphones outside or running with them, it's important that they stay put and don't slip off easily.

  • Light Weight

    You'll want to make sure that your headphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Otherwise, they will be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. And if you wear them for long the tightness may give you a headache or may be neck pain.

  • Bluetooth Technology

    Wireless over ear Bluetooth headphones differ from traditional wired ones in that they don't require any cables to be connected to the device. A Bluetooth headphone set will be able to connect with any device that is compatible with Bluetooth without the need of any cables.

  • Battery Backup

    Battery life is a primary consideration for buyers because it can directly affect how frequently they have to recharge the headphones. This can be inconvenient if the headphones are Bluetooth enabled and don't have a long lasting backup. If a lower battery life will be an inconvenience, consider buying wireless headphones that have enough battery life to last through most of your listening time.

  • Voice Assistance

    Voice assistance in headphones is something that has been around for a while, but it's just starting to become mainstream. This is an important feature because it enables you to listen to music, make calls and texts, and get directions all by voice and hands-free.

  • Water Resistance

    When you're at the gym, running on a treadmill, or in the rain, it can be a total drag to prevent your headphones from sweat and water. That is why water and sweat resistant headphones are so great. Because sweat can cause the ear cups to become sticky and that is why sweat and water resistant headphones are designed to stay functional even in harsh conditions.

Pros and Cons of Wired and Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Wired Headphones


  • Firstly Wired headphones deliver a purer sound, as there are no lag or interference problems. 
  • The other benefit is the charging, Wired headphones are not required to be charged, which can go a long way in the case of emergencies.
  • That is how wired headphones make listening sessions longer as no batteries are required.
  • They don’t have the issue of connecting with the device. Rather, they are compatible with every device like laptops, mobile phones, etc.
  • The cost of wired headphones is usually lowered than wireless ones.


  • Not a perfect option for users who do not want to deal with any cords when they are on the go.
  • Wired headphones are inconvenient for some people because they need to carry them along with the device.

Wireless Headphones


  • Wireless headphones are so convenient and easy to use, a great option for those on the go. 
  • Offer the convenience of easy mobility.
  • Make listening wirelessly convenient. They can also be compatible with multiple devices, ones that are Bluetooth enabled. These include iPhones, iPads, iPods, and computers.


  • The biggest drawback of these devices is the effect that this technology has on sound quality over distance. As the distance increases, sound quality suffers.
  •  They can be interrupted by external interference. This can be caused by a limited range.
  • The last cons of wireless headphones are typically a delayed pairing problem.

Top rated Over-Ear Headphones on Amazon

This list has all types of over-ear headphones under 2000 INR.

The Zeb-Duke1 is more than just a Bluetooth wireless headphone, it’s a truly exceptional over-ear headphones under 2000.

The first thing that you notice when you first use it is the sound quality. It has incredible bass and a crystal-clear sound that can make any song come alive.

The headset also comes with noise-cancellation of nearly about 70 percent that blocks out most of the outside world.

So you never have to worry about the sounds of traffic or other people talking around you.

Extra-large 40mm drivers in each ear of these headphones, offer some impressive features like HD sound coupled to 20Hz & 20KHz directional bass enhancement and super extra bass.

The advanced Bluetooth technology 5.0 allows for seamless connectivity with any smart device and lets you enjoy a wireless experience up to 10 meters away from your audio source.

With 30 hours of battery life at 50% volume, you can use them for hours before needing to recharge your device.

Features of Zebronics Zeb-Duke1 Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Mic

For those who want to enjoy the best DJ headphones, OneOdio Pro-10 is a good choice.

These headphones will last for a long time and will ensure optimal headphone performance for maximum pleasure.

They come with an adjustable headband that allows you to set it up to your personal liking.

These headphones from OneOdio are said to be one of the best in the market. They are available for a very affordable price of 2000 and bangs for bucks, which makes them a good investment for anyone looking to buy them.

The headphones also have large round ear cups with lots of comfort with minimalistic design.

 OneOdio logo is also a great design element in the mid that makes these cups very attractive aesthetically with a padded headband for comfort.

The high-quality design of these Studio Hi-res monitor headphones features a bass reflex port that enhances the low-frequency sound.

The OneOdio logo is also a great design element that makes these cups very attractive aesthetically.

These headphones are designed for the ultimate listening experience.

They will improve your audio and you can even control your music without having to touch your phone!

OneOdio Pro-10 is a pair of over-the-ear headphones that work with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The headphone is made of high-quality materials, comes in a limited edition color, and has a built-in microphone so you can take calls or speak to Siri or Google Assistant hands-free.

The Tribit XFree Go Headphones with Mic are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and devices.

They have a minimalist design, so they look great in any situation.

With these headphones, you can take calls, change tracks, adjust volume, and switch back to the last song without ever touching your device thanks to the built-in microphone.

The lightweight design and size are designed for listeners who want a premium sound and also want to enjoy their favorite tracks without the hassle of wires snagging on anywhere.

If you want a quality experience when watching your favorite movie or listening to your favorite music, then you need to buy Boult Audio Bass Buds.

These comfortable headphones are ideal for people who love to enjoy their favorite music at the gym.

They are over-ear headphones and have cushions that sit around your ears for ultimate comfort and features that include a built-in microphone, deep bass, and an in-built cable.

My Final Opinion about the above listed headphones.

Any suggestion I am giving here is pure with my own expertise on the subject and it’s absolutely not influenced by anyone else in the same industry.

This article is structured just to help you make your best purchase.

Tribit XFree Go Headphones with Mic is the best Over-Ear Headphones under 2000 according to my research on Amazon.

It comes with type-C charging and provides 35 hours of playtime along with all the great features that each headphone has on the list.

It provides a good range of 16 meters of connectivity. The other point is that these headphones have got a maximum rating of 4.3 on Amazon.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the article and if you would give me your kind and valuable review in the comment section it will motivate me.

And if you are satisfied with my opinion/suggestion about the product I recommended, am giving you a direct Amazon link to the product which I’ve suggested to you under this price range.

Note: The above product recommendation is purely based on my personal opinion and it doesn’t create with a purpose to promote any individual products. I am affiliated with Amazon and the use of any images is for only representational purposes.

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