Best Gaming Mouse under 2000 in India

best gaming mouse under 2000 rupees

best gaming mouse under 2000

Take full control of the game in your hands

What does a precise click mean to a PC gamer or to anyone who is into competitive gaming and FPS?

Well, it’s a no-brainer, because if the sniper doesn’t shoot enemies on time! you might lose the battle, my friend 🙂

And this is why, the quality becomes so much more important for anyone, who is wanting to seal the deal with their next gaming mouse.

But for most people, especially for newbies, finding the best gaming mouse under 2000 rupees can be tooth-pulling.

That won’t let you down in the intense gaming sessions.

If we talk about the early days when the computer mouse was primarily used for navigating menus and text files.

Nowadays, however, computer mice are used for many different things like gaming, graphical work, and more.

Different shapes, sizes, and features of mice are available out there in the market.

Moreover, gaming mice are specifically designed to offer an edge over their competitors.

By providing extra performance and features like RGB lighting, customizable macro keys, high DPI settings, and obviously precision.

So, for anyone who is looking to purchase a gaming mouse for the best performance, it is important that you first determine what features matter for you the most!

Let's dive into the features to look for in Best Gaming Mouse under 2000

Let us take a look at what features you need to keep an eye on while making a purchase for the gaming mouse.

  • DPI (Mouse Sensitivity)

    DPI stands for dots per inch and it is a unit of measurement that allows you to detect how fast or slow you are using your mouse. By changing the DPI number to one that is lower, you can instantly increase pointer speed and by changing it to a higher number, you increase accuracy and fine movement control.

  • Ergonomic Design

    One of the most important things to consider when choosing a mouse is the ergonomic design because the best designs will ensure a comfortable grip and prevent wrist, hand, and arm fatigue. It's also important to consider how long you plan on using your mouse for.

  • Surface Compatibility

    The mouse should be designed to work on all surfaces, and the surface you will use it on should not be an issue. The mouse should also have a low lift-off distance, as this is a crucial factor when it comes to playing games. A high-gloss or shiny surface mice might not work well on a dirty table and wired gaming mouse might not work well on an area that is placed close to an electromagnetic field such as in the car.

  • Breathing LED

    With the LED breathing effect, the gamer will feel a whole new gaming experience as they play. The LED colors will change in time with the game. They can also be set to breath faster when you are using your mouse for the action and slower when you are not.

  • Battery Life

    The battery life of a gaming mouse is just as important as the features offered in its design. Repeatedly recharging your mouse throughout your long gaming session will undoubtedly cause you to miss important kills or be forced to reset due to low battery. A longer battery life can help increase your playing time without having to charge it.

  • Multi-Device Connectivity

    Gamers know the importance of playing games across multiple computers or laptops. multi device connectivity. It enables you to easily switch between laptops or computers with the touch of a button.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

    Wireless gaming mice have come a long way since their debut. While the initial latency was enough to make you want to pull your hair out in frustration, many companies have been competing to bring down latency even more. This is a big advantage for gamers who want to cut down on lag and have one less cord to worry about.

List of Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000

If you are looking for a good gaming mouse, this list contains all the models from wireless to wired. It includes some of the most popular and well-known brands.

The ELE-G11 Blue Sensor is one of the Best gaming mouse under 2000, is designed to enhance your accuracy and control. 

Lets you play with speed, and the quickness of the ELE-G11 Blue Sensor gaming mouse to your hand allows you to be more agile in battle.

The device has been designed with customized software in order to offer the most efficient and accurate performance, even at high-speed.

With its DPI settings via 800, 1200, 2000 and 3200, various actions on your gaming surface, it will be hard for your enemies prevail!

Featuring a sleek design, and durable build, and has a luxurious grip that is incredibly comfortable to hold. 

The progressive sensor gives you an advantage over your opponents and provides you with the perfect level of control.

Is a great gaming mouse for both right and left-handed users. As the mouse is designed for long hours of intense gaming. 

Ergonomically designed to allow you to use it for hours without feeling any pain in your hand.

With the special blue-sensor technology this will provide you with the ultimate gaming experience.

With 6 buttons and 11 programming profiles you can have complete control over your movement.

Once the mouse driver is installed a tab will appear on screen of computer that lets the person customize speed, button alignment and performance for immense precision gaming.

Gaming Mouse is equipped with a special feature called the pinpoint tracking precision.

Using this feature, players will easily be able to locate their target using the laser beams.

This makes it easier to attain the highest scores in the game and helps players stay ahead of their competition. 

It is ideal for gamers who want a high-quality mouse that can be used on any surface with the precise accuracy.

This mouse has a 1.8 meter long cord, gold-plated USB connector, and braided fiber cable for durability.

Second in the line of Best Gaming Mouse under 2000 is Logitech GI02.

It has got the memory that stores the user’s settings is on board the mouse.

Which means you don’t have to install software or reconfigure your settings when you want to use the mouse on different computers.

The G HUB software provides an easy way to personalize your gaming mouse.

You can change the colors of your LED lights and buttons, adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, and set up macros.

The software also makes it easy to upload your settings and share with other players.

A versatile gaming mouse, allowing you to assign commands and macros to six buttons.

It has a sensor that’s capable of sensitivity up to 8,000 DPI and is best suited for games that require more control, like sniping or speed clicking levels.

The exclusive Logitech G metal spring button tensioning system is built into the left and right buttons of the mouse.

Which gives players more precise actuation and consistent experience with each click.

It has six-button design that offers great comfort and control. 

A gaming-grade sensor that provides accurate cursor tracking and responsive performance.

This unique feature allows you to pick from vibrant animations, game- and media-driven settings, or program your own from approximately 16.8 million colors. 

The DeathAdder has a wrist rest that is designed to provide comfort for longer gaming sessions and has been one of the top gaming products for over a decade. 

As it already justified its tagline “For Gamers by Gamers”

A great option for anyone looking to get the specs of a pro-level Best Gaming Mouse under 2000 rupees. 

The most sold gaming mice, with over 9 million units sold worldwide and dozens of celebrated awards. 

It has both fast response times and great accuracy and is the perfect companion to any gaming setup.

6,400 DPI optical sensor to give you the most precise control on your game and is great for swipes that require speed and accuracy such as first-person shooters.

5 Hyperesponse buttons that are guaranteed to last 10 million clicks.

The ergonomic design is comfortable for any hand shape or size, providing hours of unbroken gameplay.

The shape delivers high performance during marathon hours of gameplay.

For beginners and amateur PC gamers: This is a perfect mouse for anyone who wants to get into PC gaming.

It’s not only perfect for beginners, also great for those looking to spend less money on their computer components.

Another option in Best Gaming Mouse under 2000 is designed with a comfortable shape in mind.

That has been made to fit the right and left hand equally.

An affordable gaming mouse that offers uncompromised functionality and performance has a maximum operating temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

Comes with a 5-button design and is compatible with Windows and Mac.

There are up to 4 levels of DPI settings and up to 2400 DPI and the mouse has a wired connection with a braided cable.

It is easy to set up, has no complicated software and it is quick and easy to switch between modes.

The Offbeat RIPJAW 2.4Ghz Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse is the last but not the least in Best Gaming Mouse under 2000.

A comfortable gaming mouse that’s designed for casual gamers who want to make it easier to game anywhere.

It has the laser sensor technology that is supposed to be only used in high-end gaming mice which is used in this one.

One of the most impressive features, this is the only mouse with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. 

Automatic sleep mode will place your mouse in sleep mode if it is left idle.

The innovative design of the new RIPJAW M-7700 gaming mouse with its superior 2.4 wireless connection delivers lag-free experiences.

And you no longer have to worry about buying batteries to carry around with you and these can last for a long time.

Ripjaw wireless mouse is perfect for gamers who want a comfortable experience and a powerful performance.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the 7D buttons give you quick access to your favorite key commands.

Pre-programmed forward/back navigation buttons and an easy-to-use scroll wheel is also provided.

It is a perfect mouse to suit the needs of both pro gamers and novices as you can set the DPI from 1600-2400-3200 and change the sensitivity.

This new version of the gaming mouse has noiseless durable clicks.

Adding to this, it can be used on any surface with its rubber side grips and has a brilliant ergonomic form to minimize hand fatigue.

It won’t leave your company for at least 50 hours on a single charge

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Which Gaming Mouse you should go for?

Logitech G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse is the winner among all.

If I had to purchase one then I would have definitely chosen this gaming mouse under 2000 price due to the following reasons:

The Logitech G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse is a great gaming mouse for anyone entering the gaming world.

It has RGB lighting and customizable buttons that allow you to set up your own unique mouse with the perfect feel.

The G102 has a 16.8 million color LCD screen and it can be operated through 8 possible dpi settings and 16.8 million colors, making it a strong option for those who need a powerful gaming mouse.

There are 6 programmable buttons on the side of the mouse, the sensor on this mouse is very accurate and it has an 8 k dpi tracking rate.

We really hope you drop a comment about what you think about this gaming mouse and find this article helpful in your purchase.

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