Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 (with full specifications)

Best Gaming Mouse under 3000 in India

best gaming mouse under 3000

Are you wondering about how to own the gaming battle field?

Wanting to win over the battle is a dream for every gamer and with the Best Gaming Mouse under 3000 rupees you can.

No battle can be won without all essentials and a good gaming mouse falls in the same category.

Yes, you heard me correct!

It is important to have a gaming mouse that works according to your command in battle and does not let you down.

Without one, you may find yourself struggling against your opponents due to a loss of precision.

A power gaming mouse could be the major difference between winning and losing in any game.

The gaming mouse is one of the most innovative technological marvels that has hit the market in recent years.

Gamers may expect a lot of benefits.

Such as speed and accuracy with an ambidextrous design and one that can be used by more than one hand.

There are multiple types of mice on the market and all have their advantages.

But you will need to find one that works according to what you prefer. 

Well tracking of the mouse is also important because a good tracking control allows for better targeting during games and fewer mistakes.

Let's dive into the features to look for in Best Gaming Mouse under 3000

Gaming mice exist, and the selection is plentiful. 

If you’re someone who likes to upgrade your equipment frequently.

You may want to consider buying a wired and wireless gaming mouse in order to reduce any complications.

So we have listed down important features.

Because it is important to know what these terms mean to make sure that the mouse has the functionality you need.

  • DPI (Mouse Sensitivity)

    DPI has been a common word in gaming mouse settings for many years. This is because it allows gamers to adjust the sensitivity of their mouse and get the most performance out of their device. The DPI settings for different mice vary, but that doesn't mean you should use the settings from a lower-end mouse on a high-end one. Rather, you should know what setting works best for your personal grip style and needs.

  • Ergonomic Design

    The best design is the one that has an ergonomic grip because this will ensure a good gaming experience. It's important to consider what mouse grips you most comfortably and what your hand feels like in that grip. You should also think of how well the weight of the mouse matches your hand size.

  • Surface Compatibility

    Gaming mice must be designed to work on a wide range of surfaces. Whether you are playing a FPS game, racing on a track, or working on your latest graphic design project, a mouse that works seamlessly across all surfaces is essential.

  • Breathing LED

    The LED breathing effect is much similar to the lighting effects in a movie theater. The effect is triggered by clicking the mouse, and it will change colors depending on what DPI you have set. You can also control the number of LEDs that are turned on at one time, as well as whether or not the LEDs will be dimmed when a game is paused.

  • Battery Life

    The best gaming mouse must have a long battery life that will allow you to play without interruptions, ensuring your kills count and your enemies are killed. With the right mouse, you will never have to worry about losing a long session because of low battery again.

  • Multi-Device Connectivity

    With multi-device compatibility feature the best gaming mouse will allow gamers to play with ease and speed on multiple devices, including a PC, laptop, or tablet.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

    Bluetooth technology in a gaming mouse is what sets it apart from other devices. Although Bluetooth mice falls on a bit expensive side but it allows the user to switch between devices quickly and easily by pressing the Bluetooth button on the mouse and then finding which device is connected with greater mobility and makes gaming more convenient for players of all skill levels.

Here we go with the list of Best Gaming Mouse under 3000

With a range of choices available, you can easily find the best gaming mouse under 3000 for your needs.

The list features both wireless and wired options.

And it is absolutely hard to go wrong with any of these products and they will surely help you to win your next game!

The Logitech G304 Lightspeed Wireless is the first one in the list of Best Gaming Mouse under 3000 that promises to revolutionize gaming.

This product is compatible with both laptops and personal computers.

This mouse is different from other wireless mice on the market because it features a high-performance sensor called HERO.

That supports up to 10x the power efficiency over other gaming mice, resulting in fewer lags and stutters. 

Be the GOAT with up to 12000 DPI, offers 400 IPS precision and durability of up to 250-km range.

Delivers incredible responsiveness and reliability that lets you confidently play your way to victory!

250 hours of gameplay during a single AA battery will keep you at peace in long periods of gaming without having to worry about the battery dying. 

It is easy to maneuver and accelerate quickly with a lightweight design.

The nano receiver storage built into the mouse means gaming mouse is a versatile, durable, and portable option for use with your computer or laptop.

Also, the system requirements for this mouse are pretty simple:

A USB port and an operating system that’s compatible with Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, or Chrome OS operating system.

The mouse’s wireless and RGB lighting with flexibility will make it a must-have for gamers, streamers, and all those who want to be in the spotlight.

It also has no hardware acceleration and an improved (precise) tracking speed.

The HyperX Pulsefire Core RGB Gaming Mouse has native DPI settings up to 6200 DPI, meaning you get the accuracy you need for your gaming needs.

The mouse offers a classic design, with an ergonomically-designed shape that is suitable for both palm and claw grip. 

It comes with switches rated at 20 million clicks, which allows for crisp tactile feedback.

This mouse is made for gamers, and it shows by providing 7 programmable buttons for ultimate customization.

A Pro fit and a futuristic design, the CORSAIR HARPOON RGB PRO gaming mouse is perfect for any gamer. 

This gaming mouse brings best-in-class performance to new heights with rubber side grips and contoured shape.

Meets the high demands of professionals and gaming enthusiasts with incredible lightweight (85g).

Its design is perfect for long gaming sessions, without any discomfort or fatigue. This mouse is perfect for FPS games and other competitive genres.

The six programmable buttons allow you to have full control.

While the 12000 DPI optical sensor provides precise tracking so that you maintain consistent accuracy when switching between weapons. 

The mouse comes with everything you need to start playing right out of the box.

No software to install, no messy drivers to install, no bulky packaging – just plug it into your computer and start dominating your opponents.

Razer’s DeathAdder Essential gaming mouse is designed to deliver accurate and consistent performance for many years.

It is a high-performance mouse designed to offer gamers everything they need out of gaming gear and more.

Whether you’re just getting into serious gaming or you’re already a pro, this mouse will have you playing like a champion.

It has one of the fastest and most precise optical sensors on the market, giving you a high DPI level of up to 6,400.

Offers a familiar and ergonomic design that keeps your hand comfortable during extended gaming sessions.

This gaming Mouse features a high-durability design that can survive up to 10 million clicks.

The Redragon M808 Storm is a gaming mouse that has been tested for years with tons of changes and improvements. 

For gamers who prefer an ambidextrous design, this mouse features left/right-hand clicks for easy switching.

The new design, ergonomic shape, and RGB lighting are all things that make this gaming mouse stand out from the rest.

The honeycomb shell design reduces the fatigue that can be caused by prolonged use of other mice.

This high-quality mouse is currently topping our list because of its amazing design, low cost, and versatility.

Its features are numerous and impressive, but the one that stands out is the easy-to swift adjusting DPI between 100-12400 DPI.

With 7 programmable buttons, you can redefine and assign any complex macro keybindings on your M808 Storm gaming mouse with ease.

Use it on your laptop and desktop so you can easily find the perfect setup for your needs.

Comes with a cable that is made of a light material that makes it much more comfortable for gamers.

Final verdict about above listed Gaming Mouse

This is no news, the rest are not bad but Logitech G304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse has always been on top. 

It is the Best Gaming Mouse under 3000 rupees according to my subject matter expertise.

It has a perfect sensor that supports amazing speeds and accuracy and provides surprising comfort.

This mouse can provide you with a great gaming experience, wireless connection, and more than 250 hours of battery life. 

This mouse allows players to track the movements of their opponents without losing accuracy.

If you are looking for a high-performing mouse, don’t hesitate to choose this one.

This article is intended to provide our readers with an in-depth review of the gaming mice and help you decide which one to purchase.

We only link to things we find helpful and hope you find something you were searching for as well.

Here at this point, we are dropping our Amazon affiliate link down below so if you purchase through our link we may earn some commission.

Note: The above product recommendation is purely based on my personal opinion and it doesn’t create with a purpose to promote any individual products. I am affiliated with Amazon and the use of any images is for only representational purposes.

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